Accurate Ancient horoscope 2017

The Ancient has amazing talent to organize people and effectively manage their activities. Often he does this so brilliantly that the other does not notice his organizational achievements. Nature has endowed man, under the sign of the Ancients talent to skillfully manipulate not only their own but also other people's emotions. Another feature of all Ancients is the development of intelligence. It's amazing how in his heightened emotion, they in most cases manage to maintain an exceptional sobriety and prudence of thought. The Ancient is very logical, and strong feelings and emotions does not prevent him from thinking.


Nature gave people born under the sign of the Ancient, a powerful stock active, active energy, so that they can achieve in life. Usually career representatives of this sign of Lord is more than successful. They thrive in leadership positions, able to organize own business, not prone to unnecessary risks and very rarely make serious mistakes.


Anger, vindictiveness, narrow-mindedness. People born under the sign of the Ancient rarely take the advice of others and tend to avoid responsibility.


Totem – snail or shell Color – yellow The light direction – South

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Keywords: universal Fire, life, enlightenment, Ascension. Color: yellow. Direction: South. Extension. The sign advises to obtain and Express power ascension and enlightenment. Your goal is the ascension force of the universal Fire of enlightenment! The radiance of your inner sun shines and fills with energy every moment of your life. You are awakening to your wholeness and freedom. Enjoy the experience of a holistic perception of the matrix of life through unconditional love.

Ancient love horoscope 2017.


Blue Storm(Kavak), Ancient(Ahau), Crocodile(Imish)