Accurate Crocodile horoscope 2017

Intuitive people. Listen to the dreams and follow the signs. Creative, artistic, feminine, hardworking, thoughtful, masters of all trades. Brave and courageous. Communicative, ready to help. Prefer to spend free time at home, where doing things with their hands. Sometimes eccentric. Have a rich imagination. People born under the sign of the World Tree — is the winner of the outstanding bravery and strength, industrious, an excellent farmer, a famous warrior, trader. Identity, a good care about their and family welfare, wishes to increase it. The enemy is laziness, an adherent of an active way of life, zealous, conscientious.


An manifest itself as a person, fond of new projects. People born under the sign of the World tree is both exceptionally brave, and incredibly strong and hardworking, and yet the dreamers and the dreamers.


A dominant personality, insecure. Jealous, indecisive, chaotic, violent, sarcastic and slow. Addicted to books on witchcraft, but fall from them in a rage. According to the horoscope the risky characteristics of this sign - the danger of insanity, weakness of character.


Totem – crocodile Color – red The light direction – East

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Keywords: birth, existence, power, memory. Color: red. Light side: East. Initiation. This seal gives the Council to open the energies of birth and hope, high faith in the omnipotence of the being to Express itself in your life. Focus on independence and are grateful for taking the necessary power from the Universe. The only way life will help you realize your inner needs. Let the energy of birth to initiate and implement your initiatives.

Crocodile love horoscope 2017.


Flint(Ecnab), Maize(Ben), Crocodile(Imish), Amcient(Ahau)