Accurate Deer horoscope 2017

People born under the sign of the Deer, Maya endowed with qualities such as freedom, pride and the desire for the good things of life and pleasure. The distinctive features of such person's independence and desire to live by his own mind. His clear awareness of what he wants from life, in some unknown way it has to others. They unconsciously go to meet him and help achieve the desired. In cases Deer rely more on intuition than on logic. The intuition helps them to find the best place even in highly questionable projects. Representatives of this sign love to travel, fascinated with beautiful things, it's easy to plunge into the whirlpool of adventure. A Deer's life is primarily his own desires, rather than any clear plan. In this desire they are very different. Well, if the Reindeer will find themselves in art.


Independent, purposeful and yet not alien to life's pleasures and benefits.


Anger, irritability, tendency to bad habits, excessive demands on others.


Totem – deer Color – black The light direction – West Element – Water

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Keywords: achievement, healing, knowledge. Color: blue. Light side: West. Transformation. Have and Express the power of accomplishment and healing. Fill your life with accomplishment, heal all levels of human existence. Hone your skills to bring into your life what you desired. Bring to perfection and completion of those areas of your life that will help you to get to the next unexplored level of being. That is the meaning of this sign

Deer love horoscope 2017.


Road(Eb), Monk(Chuen),Jaguar(Ish), Deer(Maniak)