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General description of the sign The main a Dog is honesty. Generosity and commitment to principles, people, and loyalty to the faults of others are distinguished by the sign of the Dog. For once in my life, but meets with betrayal, but she is able to solve any problem alone. Responds to affection, attention, she is very sensitive and caring. This sign always protects the weaker, your family and friends. Reliable and generous, independent, aggressive, if you attack her with accusations and claims. Strong team, attractive partner, practical businessman. such person doesn't like to show their feelings in public, but show the passion and ardor of love alone. Sometimes sharp in communication, but not seeking conflict. In the debate show outdated nobility.


Honesty and generosity gives this kind of sign a special luster in the partnership. Prefers a fair fight backstairs. It straightforward the feelings, true love, but influenced by his mood. Insecure or temporary setback can turn off the Dog from the senses. When business is going well, what better sign of love is hard to find. The sign of the idealist, such person strives for harmony and peace in the house, protects the rear of the family is able to earn money. Not talking heads, to achieve success, which guaranteed the Dog that found happiness in his personal life.


Laziness, pessimism and coldness towards people prevent the Dog realize his brilliant career opportunities. Sometimes a Dog may not listen to the wise Council, and plays too self-sufficient, relying only on themselves. This sign prone to anxiety for no apparent reason. The dog needs to stay healthy and be sure to exercise to control the level of internal aggression.


Noble and sincere, honest and generous, the Dog can't tolerate the imperfections of the world, just knowing that can make it a little better.

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Love Chinese Dogs too straightforward and because of this can have problems throughout life. But these problems they will be guilty themselves. Love horoscope States that person love adventure and fleeting, lasting bond. But on contact they go only if the person gives a sense of reliability. Of course, they can be playful, but it's only an external mask that is associated with the need to find a soul mate. When they will find your beloved, breathe a sigh of relief.Chinese love horoscope says that Dogs are very loving, gentle and sensitive. When they tie the knot, they are full of responsibility and absolutely not to succumb to temptations. Unable to resist foreign aggression and will take all measures to save the family home. For them there is more important things in life. Despite these qualities, they are not always happy in love. Often jealous and anxious, because they do not believe in the feelings of a partner. Their pessimism often leads to disaster. Their solidity and high morals are the key to stability, but Dogs do not know how to suppress the changeability of moods, they are strongly dependent on the ambition and behavior of others. Such persons are incredibly intuitive and emotional, which immediately sense the mood of others. This contributes to the bad mood in their souls. Dogs need time for rest and relaxation. They long look narrowly to people. Sometimes it takes all life. If this fails, they become completely indifferent to their loved ones, and then there are all sorts of excesses. They can leave alone. Marriage to them is necessary, as air, in order not to fall into temptations. According to the Chinese Dog love horoscope, in marriage they are loyal companions and will always help in difficult moments.

Chinese Dog


Dragon, Horse, Goat, Rooster.


Rat, Rabbit, Snake, Monkey.