Accurate Dog horoscope 2017

The main feature of a person born in the day of the Dog is the strength and vividness of emotion that defines his style of life, behavior and character. The routine monotony of everyday life bad effect on Dog health, because the main engine of its life-forces are feelings and emotions that require constant updates. Without this, they quickly fade. The tendency of this sign to adventures often fully manifested in them and in the sphere of love. These people are reluctant to change, but they can be difficult to tame your overly sensitive nature. Not to step over their principles, they openly negotiate with partners about open relationships. If you want to bind to a Dog, try not to allow your love relationship turned into a routine. Ideally, they should resemble an exciting game.


Representatives of the sign of the Dog are endowed with the gift of eloquence. They are able to liven up any conversation. Also loyal, and loving


Excess and emotionalism. This often provokes conflicts.


Totem – dog Color – white The light direction – North

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Key words: heart, devotion, love. Color: white. Direction: North. Purification. The Council sign - receive and Express the power of love and devotion. Focus on overcoming restrictive complexes in the emotional field, activating your spiritual strength and the desire to interact. Tune in Unified cosmic Heart. Search for new levels of reunification with his companions on life's journey. Be loyal to the inmost truth of your being, your path and purpose.

Dog love horoscope 2017.


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