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Chinese Dragons

General description of the sign Exotic, wayward sign, tending to mysticism. This sign is associated with good fortune, the acquisition of power, wealth and freedom. Eastern Dragon is the only mythical animal of the zodiac, does not bear evil values, on the contrary, represents the harmony of Heaven and Earth. In life of this kind is prone to early decision, impulsive, often violent. Likes to take risks, to play, it attracts the world of pleasure and entertainment. The unpredictability of actions makes it difficult in long-term partnership. Besides, such people likes to criticize others, sometimes too Intrusive in communication, in harsh terms, too demanding to others and to yourself. Loves to be the center of attention, to close and fully shared his interests didn't bother the everyday little things. Outstanding acting abilities and talent in other areas, helps the Dragon to achieve fame and success in any field. You can rely on him in any case.


Generosity to all living pushes Dragon on noble deeds. Directness and passion compensate for some harshness in communication. Prone to innovative research aims to improve the world, exacting to itself. Artistic giftedness coexists with intellectual baggage. In love, he's a little eccentric but loyal and generous. Foresight and insight, help to realize the goal.


Such person may bring high requirements to the partner and close circle. He is intolerant of the shortcomings and weaknesses of others. The main disadvantage is rude and impulsive decisions, selfishness.


Inquisitive and courageous, wise and charismatic, the Dragon is able to live a full life. His potential knows no bounds, and if he is able to direct its powerful energy in a single direction, you will be able to realize any, even the most fantastic dreams.

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It's like they have a partner the privilege of being their lover. They are always confident in its success. Dragons do the magic of love. It is usually loved by many, but he rarely falls in love. He doesn't care about sex for the sake of sex, so he never experiences frustration. Often such people themselves become a cause of unhappiness. According to the love horoscope, women of this sign are surrounded by admirers, who often offer them to marry. Dragons do not tend to marry early, and some of them are bachelors. They can live alone, by nature reclusive, and often they are better alone. Such people are a strange mixture of enthusiasm without attachment, they are able to be independent. Their hearts, too, can win, but your great victory will collapse from the first wind gust and you find yourself in a ridiculous situation, because love is under the sign of the Dragon is very unstable. They all conquer love, but that's their trick. Chinese Dragon are passionate, but not love. They know what they Want, and what you need to do. They can perfectly do without love, because the wisdom says: "the Dragons are happier if he is independent." Love horoscope says that Dragons have no sense of ownership, they are absolutely not jealous and always indifferent to the little flirt. They need wins to attract attention. They just believe that everyone should prostrate after their Regal gesture. Apparently, so they are not too Delicate have a cool heart, which cannot be good for neither tears nor protestations. And yet it is very difficult to resist, because they radiate heat. Their vitality depends on the mood of the people, as intoxicating a drug. Next to them I feel beautiful and alive, this is their secret, but they don't even know it. There is another side to the circumstances. Often the Dragons of love becomes an end in itself.

Chinese Dragon


Dragon, Tiger, Horse, Dog.


Rat, Rabbit, Rooster.