Accurate Eagle horoscope 2017

The eagle rather quiet and balanced character. Often the inherent judgment in the eyes of others looks like a sign of indecision and weakness. This does not mean that the eagle weak, and is willing to make concessions. He just prefers to find a way that will allow him to achieve the desired with minimal losses. As evidenced by the horoscope of the Maya in the modern world this is very positive for career and life sign. Poise, sober judgment and logic of these people is helping them find themselves in various fields. They have a great sense of humor, not inclined to dramatize the situation, to show diplomatic flexibility, while possessing the ability to find the best solution to the problem. The consistency of the eagle has some weaknesses. He often exhibits excessive intelligence, even cleverness. In addition, the ease with which he repeatedly achieves goals, is fraught with a certain catch. It happens that the eagle, intoxicated with success, begins to truly believe in their own omnipotence. In such a situation, he can indulge in all serious, making a lot of unfortunate errors.


The embodiment of calm and balance. People born in the days of the eagle – true logic. Often they may look slower others because prefer need to think about the situation, and only then make the decision.


People born under the sign of the eagle, often envious, to carry out their desires and plans can use the unfair, insidious means. Very extreme in their likes and dislikes.


Totem – crocodile Color – red The light direction – East Element – Water

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Key words: vision, intelligence, creativity. Color: blue. Light side: West. Transformation. Print advises to obtain and Express power of vision and mind. Intently contemplate the Great plan of Existence - it will help you soar like the eagle. Let your vision be clear and sharp. With the help of mind power you will be able to be loyal to their vision and will gain this inspiration. Strengthen its interaction with the Planetary Mind.

Eagle love horoscope 2017.


Storm(Kavak),Lizard(Kan), Death(Kimi), Eagle(Men)