Accurate Fir horoscope 2017

People born under this sign give the impression of a sophisticated, but a little strange persons. They are not without a healthy dose of snobbery, well versed in the attributes of luxury, taste good, many of them connoisseurs and collectors. But for happiness it is necessary not so much: a comfortable home, a good job, loyal friends and a loved one close. Love pokapriznichat. At least, so says the druid horoscope. Fir doesn't like to Express their opinions in society and is virtually impossible to the influence of others. Sociable such a person will not be called.


The ability to be content with little, rationalism, reading, tendency to research activities.


Excessive adherence to principles, lack of flexibility.


Fir wants to be in the limelight... but rarely admit to their own people. On the one hand, she appreciates and loves worship... on the other – can not stand the slightest oppression and familiarity. The Fir has few friends, but each of them can rely on it.

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Representatives of this sign to a certain age have a long list of requirements to a potential partner. And the longer it is, the less chance Fir to successfully arrange a personal life. They are very critical of yourself, strive for excellence and want their partner also shared this desire. But most of the Firs caught the ordinary mundane people who are not able to bring them happiness. It happens that even such capricious person meet their ideal and fall in love to madness. In this case, the possible successful Union. Of course, if Fir not want to re your favorite!

Fir horoscope 2017.


Poplar, Willow, Jasmine, Hornbeam