Accurate Flint horoscope 2017

Of a person born on the day of Flint, distinguishes, above all, his desire for independence from others. The people of Flint is distinguished by such features as clarity and concreteness. Regarding habits is always to rely solely on their strength, it leads to the fact that in life these people can do a lot and achieve success without assistance. In addition, representatives of the sign of the Flint typically have a good stock of patience. If they set a goal, no one and nothing can make them swerve out of the way. Man Flint often lack flexibility, and his actions and words are sometimes found in excessive straightforwardness. Otherwise, the Flint better to just say nothing, than to not Express what he thinks. However, all this does not mean that when dealing with others this person will always show the hardness and sharpness. On the contrary, it may look balanced, calm and even polite. As for aggressiveness, it is unusual for him. His life motto: "I'm not touching you – and you do not touch me". Representatives of this sign distinguishes determination – they are able to make all the decisions literally on the fly.


The desire for independence and autonomy. According to the horoscope, nature has given these people a strong character and a powerful boost of absolute confidence.


Vindictive, cruel, touchy. Provokes conflicts and quarrels, no stranger to slander and lies.


Totem – fish Color – white The light direction – North

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Keywords: infinity, order, reflection, meditation. Color: white. Direction: North. Purification. Have and Express the power of reflection and infinity. Become a mirror, reflecting the light of the Divine world Order. Learn to see your reflection in the mirrors of people and events, distinguishing the true from the illusory. Meeting face-to-face with our shadow sides, release yourself from everything that reflects you correctly. Open up the perception of the experience of the infinite.

Flint love horoscope 2017.


Crocodile(Imish),Jaguar(Ish), Monk(Chuen), Flint(Ecnab)