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Chinese Goat Tips

General description of the sign The sign of the Sheep peace-loving, humble and contemplative, has a great interest in music, art, poetry and drawing. Monastic or contemplative lifestyle is often associated with a Sheep. The distinctive quality of the mark - artistry, shyness and modesty. The sheep is in no hurry to expose their feelings, not seeking to take the first step towards convergence, therefore requires a confident and assertive partner, to arrange his personal life. Sheep compensate for their own insecurities criticism towards others. Should a particular routine life, the unexpected twists and turns for a long time disturb the spiritual balance. Often needs special "sterile" conditions, likes to complain about their plight and to dramatize the event. Slim, stylish, intellectually developed Sheep/Goat are pleasant, knows how to throw a luxurious way of life, needs to be the true judge of its merits. Representatives of this sign have the talent of practicality, rational look on life, loyal to loved ones and friends.


Gentleness in dealing, sincerity in expression of feelings, attention to details, make the Sheep an excellent family man. In love, these qualities contribute to a long and successful unions, but in the career of Sheep often meets obstacles, it is avoided more energetic signs. This sign needs to be protected, safe and comfortable environment. Only in such conditions the Goat will reveal your true creative potential and will make the lives of loved ones more elegant, more comfortable, richer. Compassion and generosity is an attractive quality of this sign.


Indecision, weak will and passivity hinder the Goats to achieve worthy heights in the career. Pessimism weakens and hinders in communication. Sheep often worry over trifles, complains of his fate, but does not make efforts to change something for the better. Apathy and inaction hinder the realization of the talents of this sign.


Talented and elegant, visionary and kind-hearted, charming, selfish, Goat is like a big child. Perhaps it seems that it is a lot requires or expects from the other, but looking closer, you will see that it gives all the same no less.

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Such persons are completely independent, but in love, fall in real bondage, especially to those people who are unable to provide them. They are a little bit possessive, but not hypocritical.They want to be free from all material worries. Looking for in your partner protection from such liability. Therefore, they are not indifferent to the social position of the partner. This can be called a kind of self-interest, but the reality is otherwise. Chinese love horoscope says that Sheep need strong support, not money. They need comfort, but they can't do anything. They can't even boast of what they are doing to themselves. If not force to change their identity, they remain unique and extraordinary. Person live in the present, behave naturally and respected partner. They are always emotional, and if they are not hurt, do not know anxiety. Sheep almost never make mistakes, because you never get into an argument. They are able to create an environment which can contribute to overall success. It is always welcome, but if they like it, they can become Intrusive. Sheep are very important feelings and sexual delight. Before you surrender to love, the Sheep needs to be dark since she likes the night. According to the love horoscope, Sheep like a long courtship, and do not tolerate the rapid onslaught of brazen partner. And if they will not be disappointed in your favorite, until the end of days to stay with him. But if the connection is unstable, they can afford a little flirting Sheep are able to bide your time. People are entirely given to the senses and have great expectations from your partner. They need the support and confidence. What would the tempest was raging outside, in the house of the Sheep must be peace and quiet. If they start to feel heavy, again awakens the love of freedom.

Chinese Goat


Goat, Tiger, Snake, Dragon, Horse, Rooster.


Rat, Monkey