Accurate Griffin horoscope 2017

He loves to eat, open for sensual pleasures, he was no stranger to earthly pleasures. On the other hand, this person constantly thinks about the ethical and moral problems. Another striking trait of the Neck – a tendency to directness that others often perceive as excessive sharpness judgments. Representatives of this sign is characteristic of intolerance. They are very sensitive to anything they think is wrong and unnecessary, but it does not hurry to draw conclusions. The nature endowed these people too fastidious and meticulous mind. In any matter, they try to analyze the situation in detail and get to its very essence. It is therefore the opinion of the Vultures on all issues is maximally justified, and it is almost impossible to challenge. Because of his emotionality, such people often choose the path of a poet, not a scientist. They are characterized by soul-searching and a desire to understand his heart, because in their lives and work often traces the theme of search for truth and struggle for justice.


These people have a sensual intelligence. Nature rewarded their outstanding intellectual abilities. They are not peculiar to the dry and dispassionate reasoning. The feelings of a Vulture so strong and deep that have marked all his thoughts. Such depth of feeling inherent in the Fretboard, is manifested in all spheres of life.


Irresponsibility, jealousy, deceit. Born under the sign of the Neck — not the most responsible spouses and parents, they often make mistakes, which makes others suffer.


Totem – vulture or bee Color – yellow The light direction – South

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Key words: intelligence, fearlessness, the ability to inquire. Color: yellow. Direction: South. Extension. Have and Express the power of fearlessness and intelligence. Listen to your inner voice, following the trail of the space milestones - from challenge to certainty. Go boldly towards your fears. Do not believe blindly anything and explore the phenomena of life with the help of Divine intelligence. Become a true warrior of Grace!

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Snake(Chickchan), Griffin(Kib), Night(Akbal`)