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Chinese Hare Tips

General description of the sign The rabbit embodies the generosity and concern for others. A born healer, prefers to avoid confrontation, but not a coward, in extreme situations, capable of heroism and bravery. The rabbit is dependent on the environment, conditions of upbringing and birth, success depends on the environment and attitudes of others. Is sensuality, healthy natural instincts, high sexual temperament. Gentle partner, rarely ambitious, prefer to wait for the coincidence, which often happens. Responsive and kind in a relationship, lovely hair lover who appreciates the comfort of a family man who barely tolerate scandals and troubles in his personal life. Rarely poor, a favorite of any society


A good friend and a sensual lover, has good manners, loves to chat, knows how to create a subtle connection with another person. Outwardly, he is always elegant, gracious in communication, helps in distress people. Successful and positive sign


A superficial attitude towards people and events, as well as Terry selfishness often spoil the character of this sign. The vagaries and demands to the conditions of life interfere with the equal partnership. Is prone to excesses, indulge their weaknesses, and shows weakness of character where you want the effort.


Ambitious but not aggressive, friendly and considerate, the Rabbit is not only committed to harmony in the world, but knows her the secret: "Want to change life around for the better? Start with yourself"

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This gallant gentlemen are endowed with extraordinary tenderness. They never forget to give our partners the flowers the day of his birth, always know the tastes of their loved ones. When Rabbits fall in the soft atmosphere of shared love, they bloom lavishing itself around happiness. These people need only warm feelings for them it is like fresh air. According to the love horoscope, persons are very faithful by nature and always respect loyalty of your partner. They are hard to breathe in a storm of passions, because they can't always control the situation. If the situation becomes too conflicted, they would not enter into a dispute, they quickly relinquish the position and leave. If they are completely disappointed in your partner's feelings, it is very hard to survive and may even get sick. There are persons, who often change their partners and can't settle on a particular choice. But they too cannot be called superficial, in fact they can find in their partners deep affection that you so desperately need. If your relationships with others they deem not serious enough, then try to develop them to the possible depth and when that fails, shut down. Chinese love horoscope says that hares hate betrayal and tears. So sometimes they are torn between two fires, which often leads to unnecessary emotions and intrigue.

Chinese Hare


Bull, Rabbit, Rat, Goat.


Dragon, Rooster, Dog.