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Chinese Horse Tips

General description of the sign The sign of the Horse gives its representatives an inexhaustible thirst for life and a fervor. The horse is a bright personality, she plays bad the team that pulls the attention on himself. Suffer without travel and movement, like the freedom of movement, adventure, the freedom of expression. Representatives of this sign often have difficulty in understanding, it is more difficult to find harmony in the partnership, because they do not tend to stand on the point of view of another. The person appreciates what she has earned, frugal, loves the easy, wealthy life. She especially partial to the amusements and holidays, entertainment outside the home and a fun group of friends. A cheerful disposition, her love in society, the Horse is talented, clearly stands out clothing and style. She needs full independence. She is in good health, physically fit. The horse must work hard to achieve its goals and enhance their social status. Many representatives of this sign. A special year is the year of the red Fiery Horse when the representatives of this sign go through the test, it happens once in 60 years. This year representatives of the sign of the Horse should not go beyond the expenses, and not to plan important changes in the normal way of life, such as moving, divorce, marriage, birth of children, etc..


The fun nature of the peron of such kind is popular in society. The horse is very quick-thinking, agile in business, very receptive to new things and knowledge in General. Insight borders on telepathy. Such person can adapt to any requirements of the partner, but she will never lose personal autonomy, especially in financial matters. Loves and knows how to make, arrange a decent life for his family.


Inconstancy, arrogance towards the other, a weak personality, the Horse itself is prone to immaturity and dependence. In relationships it is often coarse, but too trusting. Stubbornness hinder the achievement of high results and high status in society. Often spoils the reputation of the independent opinions of sharp disputes.


Energetic, cheerful, charming, sociable, the Person in their pursuit of experiences are willing to travel around the world. Life for her is a great adventure, in which there is only one main character and the most interesting which is always waiting for her somewhere ahead.

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People of such sign have always lived under the influence of their own hearts. So they are very passionate. They fall in love with all your being and not in control of own emotions during the birth of new feelings. Such people are often burned in a fit of passion, and unrequited love on them acts destructively. They lose their appetite and often become ill. Horses are very sentimental and impatient. Their only goal is to win, they don't like to be defeated. Horses are capable of love at first sight, so it's easy to fall in love herself, quite a charming smile and a little charm, and they have yours. Love horoscope says that in love, they are just greedy and do not require breaks. Horses are an object of strong desires, and recognize no barriers. Their strong sexuality cannot be stopped by some obstacle. They don't want a superficial relationship, and the passion forever, without any restrictions. One for himself, they can do silly things and sacrifice for her beloved. Horses are very romantic, so love is their weakest point, it makes them his slaves. For the sake of their partners, they can change the way of life and even forget their best ideals." These people are entirely subject to their senses, touching and in such moments, you forget your self-centeredness. But these people are not very easy to live with, because they put their personal interests above others. According to the love horoscope, people need to move around, they not in forces to transfer the routine, even in love, and if the choice is not as quickly updated, they parted. And none of the arguments will not be able to prevent it. But still Horses are not very stable in their relationships with the opposite sex. Horse lovers forget about everything. Despite all the talent, in their life there are failures. If they manage to overcome this weakness, you will be happy.

Chinese Horse


Tiger, Dragon, Rooster, Monkey, Dog.


Bull, Snake, Wild Boar.