Accurate Jaguar horoscope 2017

The main feature of a person born under the sign of the Jaguar, we can assume it was concrete. He does not accept vague terms. It is distinguished by strong emotions, but he knows how to manage their feelings, having a sober and practical mind. Often born in the days of the Jaguar do not have long to learn something – they grasp everything on the fly and quickly find the application of this knowledge in practice. As evidenced by the horoscope of the Maya, the Jaguar man is always confident in himself and his considerable abilities. This confidence attracts others and helps to achieve the desired success in business. Jaguars receptive to new things and always strive to move in pace with time. They do not tolerate deception and lies. Increased physical activity is another striking feature of this sign. As a rule, these people are athletic and energetic.


Determination of the Supervisory wits and luck towards your goal. Representatives of the sign, the Jaguar can achieve


Do not think that the Jaguars absolutely no flaws. Their judgments are often characterized by high sharpness. In others the Jaguar can produce the impression of a rough and powerful man.


Totem – Jaguar Color – white The light direction – North

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Key words: timelessness, receptivity, enchantment. Color: white. Direction: North. Purification. Have and Express the power of timelessness and caravania. Open in itself the susceptibility of the radial nature of time - the eternal "now"! Your heart is the gate of Divine caravania. Become as wise, transparent to the entire spectrum of energies, and the magic of life is free to create through you

Jaguar love horoscope 2017.


Death(Kimi), Snake(Chickchan), Eagle(Men),Jaguar(Ish)