Accurate Maize horoscope 2017

Representatives of the sign of the Cane make good professionals, well versed in their field. In addition, they strive to constantly increase their knowledge. Like no other, Reed is able to focus on work, not distracted while on the little things. He will never leave unfinished business halfway. All of this helps him to quickly find success. Another important feature of the Cane is its concreteness and observation. He is able to notice those details that others do not pay off, and apply them with maximum benefit.


One of the key features that distinguish representative of the sign of the Cane, is the incredible persistence in achieving goals. He sees no barriers and is ready to move forward, even if he will need to confront the world! These people can succeed in almost any field. When communicating with them it is better to avoid innuendo. Cane never forgets even the most seemingly minor grievances. Despite this, he knows the value of friendship and knows how to be a true friend.


Stubborn, and sensitive


Totem – battleship Color – red The light direction – East

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The study. Space. Wakefulness. Prophecy. Have and Express the power of Prophecy and Awake. Focus on active participation in the fulfillment of Prophecy - the return of our Earth in her pristine state of the garden. Share the sacred message about the reunification of Heaven and Earth! Boldly explore the unknown! Draw force at yield point mapping. Let go of preconceived opinions about themselves. Explore the space! East — initiates. The Solar Plexus Chakra. The ring finger of the left hand. Motto: In full awakeness I explore the unknown.

Maize love horoscope 2017.


Death(Kimi) Maize(Ben), Rabit(Lamat)