Accurate Monk horoscope 2017

Representatives of the sign Monkeys often have this trait as self-satisfaction. They know how about their incredible abilities, and a certain superiority over others. The wizard sees that the much it turns him without much difficulty. Often it is just one of this understanding. He often gets annoyed when someone can't understand those things that seem simple and obvious. It may in future turn into arrogance and conceit. The fate of the Monkey is formed most favorably, if he has to keep moving and straining, not to sit still. Only in this situation he will achieve huge success. However, the driving force for the Monkey can be not only life's difficulties. Will be enough and that his life will appear some powerful passion or strong interest is going from a state of satisfaction and idleness.


Man, endowed with various talents and abilities, and well-informed about them.


Sometimes the Monkey is not able to solve their own problems. The main negative feature of the Master — arrogance, haughtiness.


Totem is a monkey Color – black The light direction – West

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Game. Magic. Illusion. Have and Express the power of Magic and Games! Focus on what your life is a celebration of your Divine inner child, the essence of which - innocence, play and spontaneous cosmogram! Laugh at yourself and dissolve all pomp and seriousness. Become easy! Enjoy the illusions of life itself! Humor and laughter will help you to be invincible. West transformerait. The throat chakra. The index finger of the left hand. Motto: My game — magic of my pristine innocence.

Monk love horoscope 2017.


Deer(Maniac), Dog(Osh), Rabbit(Lamat), Monk(Chuen)