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Chinese Monkey Tips

General description of the sign The sign of the Monkey have the talent designer, sees the essence of any system, a talented craftsman. A great sense of humor and childlike make such person is sociable and popular. The ability to surprise remains young until old age. Resourceful in Commerce and romance the Monkey is very inquisitive, active in communicating with different kinds of people. Her quickness and great reaction to external challenges contributes to the achievement of success in society. Special sarcasm and some snobbery allow it to rotate in different circles of society, while maintaining the appearance of superiority over the environment. Erudite, with a good memory for facts, like competition and often wins out over rivals because it is able to use the circumstances and failures of the competitor. Resourcefulness and the ability to anticipate win-win options does a person in good standing. But it can outsmart itself and stay out of business.


Resourcefulness even in extreme situations, creativity, intellectual giftedness. The monkey is always a bit ahead of the rest of the zodiac in terms of innovation, modernization and innovation. Big fashionista up to date with new style trends. Artistic talent may affect the choice of profession. Acting skills contribute to the popularity in the society. The person will always provide support, solve problems in unusual ways, thanks to his connections and the gift of divining the developments.


Arrogance, selfishness, and distrust of people pushing the Monkey on unpleasant things. The trick does not always lead to the desired result. She is capable of deception. Love manifests possessive, suspicious and jealous, which makes the partnership is sometimes unbearable. Vanity - the flip side of ambition, is stopping to realize true potential. Loves to manipulate, can clearly see the weaknesses of human nature and uses them for gain. Often lose the direction of the target and wasting their talents on the little things in life.


Bright and witty, sociable and clever Monkey boldly defies Destiny. Life is complicated, but interesting game, the rules of which her well known and she knows how to play and win.

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In the history of the rare Monkeys, who Excel in matters of the heart. And yet, Chinese love horoscope says that they are not too happy in love. Their relationship with the opposite sex is very unstable. Man or woman in love is easy but they quickly get bored and they are starting the new feature. And to find a suitable partner can not, as too mobile. These people can be passionate, but they are very critical therefore cool down quickly. Saves them from disaster only a sense of humor.But they are better than others are able to laugh at his own failures and always make the right conclusions. Always keep yourself busy and surrounded by friends. Of course, they can be lonely because the area of feelings Apes too difficult, they very kind look at the world: instantly addicted, intoxicate their senses, but they are not long in this state. Very smart and articulate. Instantly catch the moment when the feelings of your partner begin to fade. Then they will provoke him and make him leave. According to the Chinese love horoscope, Monkey do is a very loyal, do not force your partner to justify and humiliated. They understand all the flaws of the soul. Monkeys know that love was long, she needs a blind feeling which allows not to notice the shortcomings of the partner. But the Monkey cannot do � vices partner exceed all affection. They perceive clearly, and it makes it difficult to find your soul mate because they quickly find the stumbling block. The kind of that man quickly tear a relationship to keep it a pleasant experience, and in my heart and continue to love. Love horoscope says that they are easily addicted and fascinate the partner, and then catch a new love. They are loyal only when they're not bored.

Chinese Monkey


Monkey, Rat, Horse, Wild Boar.


Ox, Tiger, Goat, Dog.