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Chinese Ox Tips

General description of the sign The bull is the feminine principle of Yin, the second triangle, the element of earth, the Bull (Ox, Buffalo) represents the external reliability, independence, consistency and the desire for order. He is tied to his habits, conservative and pragmatic. Ox is very persistent, resistant and stubborn, so succeeds where others retreat. Practical and cautious, not inclined to change their principles and change. The bull is possessed of great strength of mind, often, and physically tough. He is hardworking, knows and likes to ensure the wellbeing of the entire family. The person is quick to anger, may suddenly lose his temper with difficulty susceptible to suggestion and manipulation. A synonym of reliability and consistency. Those born under the sign of the Buffalo in the spring and summer - the real workaholics, and during autumn and winter - are indulgent and worldly pleasures.


The positive qualities of the sign is a Born leader, responsible leader who cares about the welfare of subordinates and their dependent people. Bull patient and hardworking. The basic quality of character reliability. Consistently and strategically brilliantly achieves its goals. Has a well-developed logical thinking. He is not inclined to impulsive choice, but rather slow in decision-making, is well suited to any business.


The bull is stubborn and too conservative, dogmatic and authoritarian, does not recognize other authority but himself, because of the stubbornness and ambition. To close people can show a higher strict requirements to give more to strangers than family. In love, people can be too cruel and resentful, selfish and full of prejudice.


In the work of the Bull is stubborn, always ready for challenges, able to overcome them and to succeed. All this makes him a good worker, capable, responsible, patient work. However, he does not know how to save power and to organize their work, often going ahead where it would be better to stop and think. Nevertheless, his fantastic perseverance and performance are able to provide him the post of Director where the Bull is showing itself fully. And though at times it puts pressure on subordinates, and his opinion too categorically, but his devotion to the common cause, no one doubts.

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Love horoscope says that Oxen are sexy, but can't stand the flowery phrases and lengthy declarations of love. They can be gentle, loyal and even sensitive. For them, flirting is a waste of time, and the passion sometimes aggravates them. So sometimes they look a little bit inconsiderate as Oxen forget to take out a bouquet of flowers or compliment your favorite. Although they appreciate their freedom, but still can not lived without love. This feeling often forces them to create their own life but his original plan. They frantically try to implement the plan, making a life together sometimes unacceptable length of his partner. Oxen do not wash to be evil, rather by some fatal accident or due to their employment they forget a promise. According to the Chinese love horoscope, if you like the Ox will not regret taking him for husband and wife because there is no more loyal and responsible family man. In the kitchen there is no equal to them, they are wonderful hosts and cooks. Women Oxen, too, have a fast response of the PA men, but they used to fight with immorality, preferring the bed of random encounters. The Oxen always claim PA exclusivity. They don't like suspicion because always too busy and have no time to play detective. According to the Chinese love horoscope, if the Ox gets married, then trust the partner. When cheating they behave quite strange, as not do from this tragedy. For them...

Chinese Ox


Bull, Rabbit, Goat, Wild Boar.


Horse, Rat, Snake, Monkey.