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Chinese Pigs Tips

The sign of the Pig embodies concern for the welfare of the family, education of children, seeks a comfortable life. The pig represents the goodness and mercy. Strong intuition, sensitivity and the gift of empathy to help representatives of this sign to achieve success in your career and surround yourself with interesting people. Patience, steadfastness in life troubles and calm nature help this sign in the partnership. Pig knows a lot about good things in need of interesting people and a magnet for demons into your life. The main problem of this sign is the insecurity to yourself. Pig - a real fatalist, loves to dramatize and to withdraw into depression. In those moments, she needs the support and emotional involvement of friends in her problems. In a relationship not too traditional, like to experiment and diversify a love relationship. She is also changeable in moods, it all depends on the moral and material investment by the partner. The pig can not stand poverty, but in prosperity blooms prettier externally and always dobreet. If the Pig has a bad temper, so she was not in the circle and not worked hard.


Men - real gallant knights, women - sensitive noble ladies, members of this sign have good taste, know art, know how to appreciate beauty. Hardworking, thoughtful, open to new things. The trust contributes to a good environment, but can make a Pig target for a liar. A passionate sign, understanding a lot about love and education of children.


When it comes to income, can be rigorous, too materialistic in relationships. Often gets into relationships of dependence, unable to overcome immaturity and to abandon naivety. Indulge their weaknesses, does not use intuition to unravel the deception or manipulation. Fatalism prevents and stifles inspiration.


Calm and responsible, strong and stubborn, generous and peaceful, the Pig never goes to his goal on any toes. His victory was so well deserved and honest, that is recognized even by his opponents.

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Chinese Pigs love life. They love the flowers and how to grow fruit in the most unfavorable soil. This is their unique advantage. According to the Chinese love horoscope, Boars tend to idealize, they live in their reality and sing the joy of life and feelings. So they are very tender lovers, and amazing partners.From an early age, the Boars have a weakness for amorous pleasures. They are very sensitive, at first glance seem strange and have vivid imagination. They endlessly experiment, carrying out the desires that are constantly stalking them. Yes, and a little need to cause they have a new passion. In love With do not know how to dissemble, to use cunning, able to talk with a partner. For them, there is a vicious relationship, and love is something perfect. As you can see, this is a pretty healthy philosophy, and she brings to Boar a great success. Love horoscope says that women of this sign come to life with a good sensual appetite, but suffer from tendency to excesses. They are persistence, apparently, is caused by greed. Of course, wild Boars are true, but too Horny. They can infringe on someone else's marriage, while having a lot of fans and contenders. Allowing such misconduct, they begin to build a life together, sharing with your partner all the joy and sorrow. When their Union happy, they always behave calmly, and emotionally attached to the partner.

Chinese Pig


Ox, Snake, Goat, Monkey.


Tiger, Horse, Rooster.