Accurate Rabbit horoscope 2017

Representative of this sign is peculiar to independence. He loves and appreciates personal liberty – for her he is ready to fight all his life. This is reflected in the absolute freedom of thought. For a man of the Sunrise there is no taboo. He prefers to say everything directly, and not to hide the thought with the vague flowery phrases. Propensity for directness and frankness around it often provokes conflict. People think he is too harsh. Freedom of thought, looseness and simplicity inherent in these people and in intimate relationships. The energy of the Sunrise is not inclines them to show restraint in this matter, the conservative family values they are usually unfamiliar with. Representatives of this sign are usually free to see other people, not bothering partner excessive jealousy, and expects the same from him.


The main feature of the character of such people – the concreteness and practicality. They don't like loose ends and ambiguities. Representatives of this sign are always looking for the shortest and most simple way to implement their ideas. They do not like to complicate life, because for them is important, first and foremost, efficiency. Thanks to these qualities, the people of Sunrise are able to earn money. This man was born to become a great professional in your chosen field.


Often sick, have problems in communicating with others. Can be arrogant, often consider themselves better than others. Before obstacles can pass.


Totem – rabbit Color – yellow The light direction – South

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Keywords: elegance, art, creating Beauty. Color: yellow. Direction: South. Extension. The Council sign - receive and Express the power beauty and grace. Focus on getting into the flow of the highest sophistication, a natural ease, fluidity and peace. Participate in the creation and distribution of harmony. Free yourself from all self-condemnation and realize that your life is a work of art!

Rabbit love horoscope 2017.


Monk(Chuen), Rabbit(Lamat), Maize(Ben)