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General description of the sign The rat is a symbol of realism, cunning, high adaptation to external conditions, It is endowed with different talents and loving. Born in the year of the Rat differ bright appearance, artistic talent, guile and perseverance. The rat is smart, educated, strives for success in society and material well-being. Rats are charismatic, have a natural magnetism. Very sociable, always with a special charm, love and know how to charm. Of the shortcomings can be noted greed, anxiety without cause, nervousness. Autumn and winter chinese rats are prone to hoarding. Spring and summer Rats like to squander money, more frivolous, can live for others.


Insight, intuition and the ability to adapt to any conditions allow the Rat to achieve success where others retreat. Lovely lovers, Rats appreciate a romantic feeling. It's not boring partners, sensual and attractive. Those born under this sign have a strong charisma, the gift of eloquence and artistically gifted. Meticulous, persistent, ambitious. Like to communicate, intelligent and charming


The trick makes the Rat a manipulator by nature, and a cynical attitude toward life contributes to unreliability. Long remembers resentment, tend to seek revenge on offenders, can be startling ruthlessness and stubbornness. Prone to all kinds of bad habits. Enthusiastically intrigues and gossips.


When choosing a career, the Rat often prefer an area where you need to work without hands and head. It can make an excellent journalist, writer, orator, politician, leader, actor, teacher, businessman. Neither in friendship nor in business or in love the person does not tend to look for easy ways. The best way for her � not the shortest and the surest and safe, that is hidden from strangers prying eyes. Charming, intellectual, energetic and agile, the Rat knows what he wants from life, and has in its Arsenal of all the tools in order to achieve

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Persons hate everyday, because sometimes they go both ways. And, as we all know, this often leads to hopeless situations, with the result that they are left alone. At such moments they feel unappreciated, but I never seek to take the first step. In fact, they are more selfish, but in love show boundless generosity. They have the ability to get into an extremely difficult situation, where they are often moving from the role of victim to the role of the attacker. We can say that they are a kind of sado-masochists who can endure anything but the lack of passion. When they understood, People show boundless loyalty. But in any case, you cannot disappoint, because in case of any misunderstanding, they will begin to look for happiness on the side. But if they point out all the flaws, they will offer their point of view. Chinese love horoscope says that Rats are tough to beat in any game, in that it does not take imagination. In life, they are always serious, but this seriousness that instantly disappears when they are faced with real emotion. It is always interesting and looking for partner.

Chinese Rat


Rabbit, Snake, Monkey.


Ox, Goat, Dragon, Dog.