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Chinese Cock Tips

General description of the sign The symbol of the Cock exaggerates the advantages that brings grief to the representatives of this sign. The rooster is confident, has a practical mind. Yin gives this a sign of conservatism and a desire to have only the best. Perfectionism Cock makes it well-known critic. Cock in General tend to assert themselves, and does not hesitate to publicly Express their point of view. Loves to compete in any business, likes to win. Lesions and difficulties strongly affect the self-esteem of a proud Rooster. In any case tends to draw attention to themselves, suffers if it does not notice, does not bestow praise. In something of a pedant, something - jealous, likes to be safe just in case. Conservative, cautious attitude to innovation and life in General, does not negate his courage, love to the feats and glory. The rooster is able to ensure the prosperity of the family, kind, sometimes he is hard to please. Rooster loves fashion, has an original taste, appreciate fine things, expensive. He's attracted to extravagance, the mixture of styles, often goes against the fashion to attract attention. In General, a patriot, active citizen and a mouthpiece for conservative ideas.


Strong rival, can and loves to compete, to strive for victory in business, sports, love. Jealously guard favorite and what he thinks is his. Responsible, self-confident, sometimes wrong due to the revaluation of its forces and unnecessary optimism. Very enterprising and ambitious, determined to succeed in the society.


Selfishness and conceit, critical to others but not to yourself, the faux pas are the main disadvantages of this sign. Rooster is too blunt and outspoken is not the place, can give out other people's secrets by accident. Love can hide behind a puritanical views, likes to generalize.


Brave and noble, talented, and honest, Cock, like don Quixote, always ready to defend the weak. His belief in himself not only causes it to take on complex tasks, but often helps him brilliantly to solve them.

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According to the Chinese love horoscope, the Rooster is characterized by another phenomenon � it is very early maturing. However, Rooster skillfully organize their future and choose right partner. They know how to take care of ourselves, of persons. Their wisdom helps to adapt to the favorite. This is not surprising because they are very sociable and energetic that helps in everyday communication.Chinese love horoscope says that Roosters can bring a loving atmosphere to perfection. If the partner is not able to appreciate their efforts, they will quickly turn on him and try to find another or to devote themselves to a career. Roosters can't stand ignorance in any situation and act openly. Representatives of this sign to inspire passion, but they will never lose it. No need to pay attention to read their exterior lies intelligence and prudence. They don't like to retreat, they know the feeling of victory. But if the victory goes easy, they quickly forget about the losers. According to the Chinese love horoscope, Roosters prefer difficulties that they are attracted by impregnable barricades. Love the Roosters and sometimes suffer failures due to the indomitable desire to keep beloved. They may be disappointed as their dreams sometimes at odds with reality. They can be accused of infidelity, because Roosters are too loving and used to look for something new, unknown. But it's not easy because they are very jealous of their independence. So the Roosters can accidentally go past the true love what going to regret the rest of your life. To friends they have a similar attitude. Roosters are very jealous and do not tolerate rivals. Outwardly they may not show it, but inside will boil. They never suffer from indifference. In any case, you cannot suppress the all-consuming passion. Better to approach from the other side. They are incorrigible talkers � they have to throw a suitable topic and try to listen to them. Also they can to seduce the delicious cuisine and interesting gossip.

Chinese Cock


Rooster, Horse, Dog.


Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Wild Boar.