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Sagittarius horoscop for 2017

General description of the sign Passion � that's the power that leads the archers in life, sometimes resulting in a complex, absurd and funny situations. Sagittarians are not afraid of problems and failure; moreover, the more complex the task of the representatives of the sign, the more enthusiasm they undertake for its decision. To be a friend of such person is one fun loving this people � different, but no less. It is no wonder that Sagittarians are always surrounded by those who are willing to do anything.


Persistent, cheerful, always open to change.


Impulsive, don't want to change, lazy.


Such zodiac signs, be it a strategist or a modest performer, always active to restlessness, also it is easy to decide on a desperate act, although his innate fearlessness. The liveliness of Sagittarius is perhaps only one weakness - the people of this sign are able to do only one thing, but concentrate on it completely. To solve several problems at the same time they not only want, but simply can't. I should add that Archers sometimes act too quickly, without having time to reflect on their actions and evaluate the consequences to which they lead.

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Sagittarius LOVE AND SEX

The propensity to perform important actions without thinking, the most dramatic impact on family life many archers: they marry very early, not listening to anyone's advice, and then, even disappointed, hesitant to break hampered their ties. The fact that people of this sign are very proud and are more likely to torment themselves and others, than acknowledge the mistake. This mans generally tend to praise our own home, even in the case when in fact the fire had long been extinguished. Neither men nor women born under the sign of Sagittarius, do not aspire to marriage. For happiness it is necessary freedom, so their elected representatives should not try to take over his "half" full. In partner people generally appreciate the wit and erudition, not visual appeal or passion.

Sagittarius horoscope 2017


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