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Scorpios horoscope 2017

General description of the sign Such people � complex, multi-faceted and very attractive people. They can charm anyone, but I never do it for personal gain. Personal life of this signs is characterized by extreme richness, it is in the maelstrom of passions the representatives of this sign feel most comfortable with. In addition, successive violent novels help them to avoid even brief periods of solitude � and the Scorpions hate.


Intuitive, cleverly manipulated others, confident


A bit paranoid, looking for problems


With all his strength Scorpio - sign of the passive, and, communicating with his representative, you will certainly notice it. Scorpios is more likely to accumulate resentment, than give vent to the indignation, will enjoy the postponed revenge, but will not rush to a guilty with his fists. A waiting game is bearing fruit: the Scorpions have powerful enemies, but enemies around them are always more than enough. Scorpio may seem very purposeful, but this quality is seen only in small ways, to deny myself anything for the sake of distant prospects, he will not.

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In love Scorpions are very dangerous partners - they cause the heart wound others, not even wanting it. Family life Scorpions rarely harmonious: usually people of this sign or become domestic tyrants, or due to its ability to quickly adapt to the situation of losing his own "I" and suffer from discomfort. Externally, giving the chosen one the freedom Scorpios secretly tormented by the suspicion and tormented by jealousy, and sometimes decide to take such a risky venture, as spying or reading other people's letters. The partner Scorpions require full trust and will never forgive him for such pranks.

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