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Chinese Snake Tips

General description of the sign The sign of the Snake brings wisdom from an early age, a great intuition, high level of self-awareness and self-esteem. Therefore the Snake is considered intractable, it is difficult to establish surface contact. Prefers informed decisions, to rely only on personal experience and feelings. It looks elegant, pays attention to the image and collects the honey closet. In life the Snake is inclined to the Epicureanism, a connoisseur of enjoyment and pleasure. Though it is quite naive at first glance, it is easy to surprise, shock, entice. Can get involved writing - as a hobby or profession, is drawn to art and collecting. A lot depends on the conditions in which the Snake was born. Winter Snakes are prone to fears and little initiative. If the Snake was born in the hot season, you will not be able to work in cold climates. If her birth was accompanied by unusual situations in a thunderstorm, then a Snake will be prone to mysticism, will fall into an incredible situation, the course of events can dramatically change its direction. The snake will not niggle and a small salary, the Snake could sacrifice much for the sake of truly great goals.


A thoughtful approach to all aspects of life characterizes as the Snake deep thinker, wise and mystically-minded pioneer. Prudence helps her to succeed. Caution and responsibilities helps in partnerships. The snake is very purposeful and strong nature. Sensual and intelligent in love, it's a constant in their affections. Attractive, has a special magnetism and influence on other people.


Snake can get bogged down in the routine of pleasure and entertainment. Distrust prevents people partnership. In despair, away from the inner circle, the Snake may be false and cold, too calculating, luring others into dubious undertakings. Not afraid of loneliness, bright individual.


Strong and stubborn, wise and insightful, endlessly loyal to their ideals, the Snake goes to the same goal, but can show with incredible flexibility. In its Arsenal there are many tools that help her succeed, and she is accustomed to sooner or later to all to aspire to.

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Person is the most fascinating sign in the Chinese love horoscope. If she wants someone to tempt, no one can resist her. It is like a boa constrictor encircles its victim and gradually swallowed into the depths of their feelings. But the people of this sign does not like exhaustion: if her favorite is anything not capable, she throws it and goes in search of a new partner. Chinese love horoscope says that the Snake is being extremely jealous. She loves to feel the center of attention. If their partner is passionate about work, it is that easy transfer can not. Chinese Snake - the one and only, nothing can be better than them, especially some sort of fussy job. If the partner is not looking, and just does it, then it is the height of bliss. About the loyalty of Snakes have a very relative concept. They always come home on time, but at the same time trying to preserve freedom. Morally women more resilient than men. If they flirt, you need to do from this tragedy. Snakes can't stand the scenes - is simply insulting. They bloom only in the case when the relationship is based on mutual understanding. They love to talk with loved ones, talk about philosophy, going to concerts. And if they met someone they needed relationship would be easy. They are very jealous in relation to partners of large owners. According to the Chinese love horoscope, the person od such sign entwine the partners so that they can no longer move. But they would like to look around. However, those Snakes that you find comfort in family, be sure to reach balance and harmony.

Chinese Snake


Snake, Tiger, Rat, Boar.


Horse, Dog, Rooster, Bull.