Accurate Storm horoscope 2017

The nature of the Storm also contributes to traits such as willfulness and independence. Of course, to live next to such a person is very difficult. However, in those areas where needed the power of the senses, people of the Storm has no equal. Very well, when members of this sign find themselves in the arts. To attract attention is the main talent of the Storm. To do this, he may not even participate in all sorts of scandalous events: the attention attracted by his extraordinary personality. Another striking feature of Thunderstorms is indifferent to fame, wealth and all kinds of worldly temptations. As a rule, these people sorely lacking what they have. They are characterized by immoderation and excessiveness in everything.


Man of the Storm – like a stormy sky, able at any moment to be illuminated with flashes of lightning and spill out an unstoppable rain. People born under the sign of Storms, know this deeply emotional and clearly aware of its possible consequences. So they are struggling to keep their powerful and unrestrained force and not to let them out. This constant struggle tempers their will and makes the character resistant.


A tendency to alcoholism, dislike themselves and others, sometimes turning into open hatred.


Totem – turtle Color – black The light direction – West

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Energizeri. Catalysis. Acceleration of all processes. Receive and Express the power Sampradaya Energy. Releasing her, you awaken your inner thunder! Accelerate the process of transformation and initiate the cleansing of his life! Samoborona own liberation is completely in your power. West transformerait. The root chakra. Her left toe. Motto: I carry samoborona freedom my energy and my freedom.

Storm love horoscope 2017.


Wind(Ik), Monk(Chuen), Ancient(Ahau), Storm(Kavak)