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Chinese Tiger Tips

General description of the sign The distinctive character of the mark of the Tiger is the swiftness in decision-making, excellent response in communication, risk-taking. Born under the sign of the Tiger - a daring, passionate lover. Loves to compete. Attractive appearance disguises a will of iron mild courteous manners. A proud man who knows how to stand up for themselves. Impulsivity and unpredictability in his actions makes life with a Tiger is interesting, but brings no relief. In a relationship with a partner, can be a real tenderness and care and love of freedom, independence and extravagance. Love to have fun and risk making their lives unstable, full of UPS and downs. But his natural optimism makes all the actions of the Chinese Tiger glitter luck. Does not make a strict control and restriction of their freedom. Tiger night of the birth go through life more relaxed than the Tiger, born in the daytime. Night person of this sign is more family friendly and balanced character. Daytime Tiger loves danger and challenges fate, so his life is a contrast, filled with a succession of troubles and UPS.


Passionate and colorful Tiger stands out in society, good manners and temperament. His unpredictability and the unusual makes life with him interesting, full of adventure and new experiences. Powerful energy of this sign inspires to great deeds and beautiful things. And the courage and generosity always attract to the Tiger loving people.


Love to take risks easily turn into recklessness on the verge of a possible. Stubbornness and selfishness hurt in relationships. The tiger can be aggressive and ruthless enemy. Sometimes bad friends with people because of the dark tongue-in-cheek. Independence and the struggle against authority can prevent to reach the heights in career.


Brave, strong and noble, the Tiger � knight by nature. Sometimes he rashly enters the fray, and, waving his sword, makes a lot of mistakes, but it does so from the most sincere motives. In his heart burns a bright fire, and his unusual ideas and things sometimes can change the course of History.

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Such people too exalted, so sentimental, they quickly accept the love and admiration until, until it becomes routine. The relationship may continue only if the partner is smart and knows how to artificially trigger the interest and curiosity of the Tiger, another, passion of our predator will pass quickly. Tiger can not be called wrong, it just needs to animal passions and if it does not receive, then trying to find on the side, this way samoutverzhdayas. According to the Chinese love horoscope, this person needs to be tested her power, because the art of seduction for Tiger is something of a sport to keep in shape. He is capable of great love, but often his feelings become excessively strong and therefore, his love Affairs rarely have a happy ending. There are other ways to keep a Tiger to insinuate to him that there are also some interesting partners. Tiger will never be allowed to steal from the extraction will jealously guard their right to the championship. But in any case not to overreact, because a Chinese Tiger may burst patience. He can say that he was tired of this unsettled life, but he can never develop in the skin, which adorn the floor by the fireplace. The persons has strong feelings and he almost never lies, because he hates hypocrisy. But it also happens that he is ruining what he created. Irresponsible and may offend a partner, not even noticing it. Naturally, this can lead to rupture. This will cause him.

Chinese Tiger


Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Horse.


Monkey, Rooster, Boar.