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Virgo horoscopes 2017

General description of the sign It is believed that under the sign of Virgo are born the most intelligent people. They not only have high intelligence, but also know how to say a firm and resounding "no" to those feelings and emotions that I consider unnecessary. Such signs is able to create a strong and happy family, but is unlikely to be unhappy if left alone: representatives of the sign is self-sufficient.


Meticulous and attentive to detail,tidy,executive, intelligent, smart.


Constantly criticize,proud.


Such persons is easy to meet people and are pleasant, but at heart they are still single, the same day you prefer to work, so most people find among the colleagues or companions for social activities

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That people picky in everything, including in choosing friends and life partner. Part of the reason it is under this sign are born most bachelors and spinsters, as well as people who are afraid to break an unhappy Union because of the strong sense of responsibility for the partner. In addition, this people are very loyal to the family, as if heavy wasn't her bond, and often even your woman does not show that they would prefer the freedom and solitude, if she had the chance to turn back the clock. Such kind of men is not inclined to compromise in love, their partner needs to have the outstanding qualities, otherwise how would a strong passion, the relationship will be terminated quickly and completely.

Virgo horoscope 2017


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