Accurate Water horoscope 2017

People born in Water day, have such an unusual nature that their behavior often seems strange and illogical to others. In ordinary life representatives sign Water often look slow, slow and lazy. But in the difficult periods all of a sudden they Wake up incredibly powerful energy that helps them to find a solution to this situation. The usual rules of life cause a person Water too much voltage. Usually, he gets tired easily from it, which often simply disregards the accepted norms. In this respect the life of the various troubles and difficulties may fall to the representatives of the sign of Water as if from a leaky bag. However, these difficulties are mobilizing their force and to show the wonders of energy and quickness. People Water is not indifferent to wealth. While it is important not so much material value, as the idea of accumulation. These people rarely care about the efficient use of accumulated wealth.


Horoscope Mayan holders of an unusual character and rich internal resources, which, however, they are rarely able to use in everyday life.


The Aztecs believed the Water is a bad sign: people - live a little, rarely live to old age, suffer from severe diseases. Those born under the sign of Water tend to forclimate and irritability, always look unhappy or angry.


Totem – shark Color – red The light direction – East

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Purification. Stream. Universal water. Have and Express the power Siocsiwauth Flow. Focus on the cleaning tool of perception - your body and mind, bringing him into a permanent relationship with the Higher self, Nourish your body, the basis of their own World, showing it the vibrations of self-integrity. Reunited with yourself, being in constant vigilance of every current moment. Activate their own flow and flexibility! Become fluid and allow the events to flow! East — initiates. The root chakra. The little finger of the right leg. Motto: I am a stream of purification, who have joined the multidimensionality of my being.

Water love horoscope 2017.


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